01 May 2008

Happy May Day to all

Have a wonderful first day of May.
Another award. This award came from Donna Lynn, at Blushing Rose Antiques. Thank you Donna Lynn.


Tracie said...

Hi Glenda,
Happy May Day to you too.

I was just at Brenda's blog and found out we have something else in common... you love old cemeteries too?

I'm thinking of going this weekend and taking a bunch of pictures, or maybe on my early morning walk tomorrow...

Happy Day (May Day that is!)~

Tracie said...

What a dork I am...

Congratulations on the E for Excellence Award, you deserve it!

Hopefully, I can stumble home now ;)

Donna Lynn said...

Happy May day to you too! Hope your day was wonderful, we had sunshine here all day, it was great! It is still cold but I threw open the doors anyway, I am sitting here in a coat and blanket!
Fresh air is worth it, just can hardly type cause my fingers are cold...
Have a lovely night,
Donna Lynn

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