21 April 2008

Bride Doll

This is my childhood Bride Doll. My mother had saved her for all those years. As my sister and I cleaned out our parents house back in 2007, we found many treasures that my mother had saved from our childhood. She's a little dirty and her dress needs cleaning and repairing, but she is still pretty. I remember my cousin being jealous of her and wanting her instead of the one she got. I have an old picture of her holding mine instead of hers but couldn't find it. 

She needs to find a place in our home, somewhere that the little doggy babies can't get her, they bark at her. (Click picture to enlarge).
Have a wonderful day !


Donna Lynn said...

Hi Glenda,
That doll must be so dear to you, I was never much of a doll girl, (climbing trees, mudpies, and playing with the neighbor boys,that was me!), but I have my mothers Campbell Soup doll that I treasure, it is the memories! Bless you, Donna Lynn

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Glenda!
What a beautiful bride doll full of sweet memories! I loved my dolls so much. I especially loved styling their hair! I'm so glad you have her.
Hugs, Sherry

CIELO said...

A real treasure for sure!

Have you heard yet about our "Dessert Carnival" at the House in the Roses??? Come, and participate, you are still on time... :)


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