07 February 2008

Thrift Shop Finds

                                                 After ^
                                                 Before ^
                                     Thrift Shop Finds
As promised I took pictures of my thrift shop finds from a few days ago.

The vase and the little planter, along with the off white urn. I also found some blue and white butter pat dishes. I forgot to include them in the photo's. I like to mix up different things and I could not pass up the blue and white. I went to Michael's for the flowers. Aren't they lovely ?
Blogspot is having trouble with the upload of pictures. So I will post those later.


Jacki said...

Very nice! I have an urn very similar except it has handles, that I got at a thrift shop. Just wanted to say keep leaving comments on different blogs, and people will find you; it took me quite awhile. I like your blog, and you'll do well!

Holly said...

Hi Glenda~
Thanks for visiting my blog...I have gone to a few friends from flickr and HGTV Rate My Space and sent invitations. I also heard about a few sites that promote blogs. A quick google search should help you find help. Let me know if you need any in the future. We are off into blog land , girl!!! Let's have fun! xxxooRuth

the feathered nest said...

Hi I saw your comment when I visited Holly's blog and just wanted to say hi!

Your urn looks lovely with the flowers and that's a very cool light fixture you got at Ikea! Love that store!


bj said...

Hi, Glenda...thank you for stopping by my blog. I am very pleased to meet you and to find yet another "thrift store lover"! Aren't they so much fun!!?!! I would much rather shop at thrifts than go to the mall.
You have a great blog...now, I am going back and read more of it.
Pls. come back to see me any time...
hugs, bj

bj said...

SHOOT...I forgot to add that I love your treasures here. Makes me want to get out and "go lookin" today.
hugs, bj

Thirkellgirl said...

Hey, I saw you whining on Whispering Oaks and decided to come visit you, because I whine about not getting comments too. :) I've got a chicken dish like yours! So there, that's two things we have in common. I'll link you on my blog, but apparently nobody visits me so a fat lot of good it will do you. :)

Mary said...

More great finds Glenda - those flowers look so beautiful in the urn.

Sweet Designs said...

I see you like blue and white porcelains too. Your vignettes are lovely too. I am sure you will get alot of visitors to your blog! Thank you for letting me know that my comment area was not working, that was so helpful otherwise I would have been a clueless new blogger! LOL (well I am still clueless...but I am trying to figure out Blogland)
Hugs Judith

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