20 February 2008

Mother Load

                                             Goody Goody Goody

This weekend was spent in the thrift shops and antique shops. My friend of 30+ years, she and I  went to a few places and this is what I found. The white background are white sheers, the one on the right has a lace insert on the bottom and the middle and the other is all sheer. Most things I found in either a Goodwill or Thrift town. The footstool I found in goodwill and I painted the bottom white and put new material on the pad. It was dark gray on the bottom and the material on top was just not my style. It's hard to pass up such goodies. I found the inkwell in a antique shop in Santa Rosa, Ca. I can't pass up these, that's it on the right corner of the chair. That black thing on the chair is a child's riding helmet.


CIELO said...

Oh how pretty! Love your new blog header!

blessings to you and yours


Sweet Designs said...

Wow, you found some wonderful things, you can do some great vignettes with some of those things! I was just at my Goodwill store last night...and zip, nadda, nothing...the thrift stores in my area just are not as wonderful as some in other States...poor me! LOL

Tara said...

Love the birds in the background...I seriously thought they were coming from my window (with 4 inches of snow on the ground and no birds in sight) LOL! You did find some beauties, love hitting the jackpot at the fleas. Thanks for stopping by and taking the survey, I'm gathering results for a super cool research project I can't share just yet. This has been a lot of fun, thanks for your input!~xo

Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Wow, you did hit the mother load! Great finds!

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