25 March 2008

Pretty Tea !

Did you ever think that tea time would be even more delightful ?

Some of you may already know about flowering tea. I had not heard of it till my sister mentioned it in her last email to me. So, curious as I am about new things. I decided to look into getting my hands on some. So I went to Primula Tea's and ordered the tea with the glass pot. 
It is very tasty tea and it is pretty when it brew's. The flowers can be used at least 3 times in 24 hours before you discard them. 


Mary Ruth said...

What a great way to have tea! I have seen those flower teas and plan on getting into them this summer. I have seen the wonderful see through tea pots to enjoy them all the more with a visual treat!

I know since I have been 'Blogging' it has changed my life! I have slowed down and trying to enjoy my tea more. What a wonderful thing to do for myself! We as women often think of ourselves last, but with 'tea' we can have ceremony without guilt! Add chocolate and it is over the top!

CIELO said...

wow... pretty tea, indeed! I have never heard about "flowering tea" before.... does it taste same as usual? It is certainly pretty


Sarah said...

I want to order these some time. My daughter would LOVE to watch the flower grow in the tea. Flea Market Studio also posted about them. Thanks for the link.

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